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  1. Dear Ms. Millington,

    Please accept my apology for my delayed response to your message and invitation. I appreciate your complement and idea for collaboration!

    I teach art in grades 1, 2, and 3. My blog “gloworm” is primarily for documentation and to give school families an idea of what is happening in the art room. I do not show children’s full faces and their names because the blog is public. Usually, the artwork on the blog is a sample (so an entire class or grade level is not represented). I do not think I could initiate student sharing this year because I am mentoring a new teacher and feel like my “plate is full!” Perhaps we could check back in January? Meanwhile, I will explore your blog!

    Kind regards,
    Nancye Hesaltine

  2. Dear Ms Hesaltine
    You have such a lovely art blog. I am an art teacher in Australia and started a visual arts blog – recently converted into a fine arts blog – in 2015.
    This year I want to help my students feel part of an international community of artists and wondered if you were interested in some online collaboration in which students from our two schools could comment on one another’s art work displayed on our blogs? This could just be once a month or less frequent?
    Please visit our blog if you are interested. 😊
    I understand you are at the end of the school year but perhaps we could commence collaboration in September if you wanted to.
    Many thanks and kind regards
    Jane Millington

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