Imagining stories

Third Grade Imaginary Creature Tableau*

*Tableau – a group of characters representing a scene from a story

To be displayed at The Park School Art Show 2013

What:     Art inspired by… relating to… about… Fairy Tales and Stories

When:    Mid-April

Where:   Richman Art Gallery


  • Draw, color and cut-out imaginary creatures / characters
  • Collage background showing land / water forms
  • Paint sky showing weather and time of day
  • Find objects (buttons, yarn, string, corks, shells, stones, sticks) to complete the scene
  • Arrange the parts listed above on the “stage” to show a scene from a story you want to tell

Consider how the following will aid in telling your story:

         Names of the characters

         Location / environment



         Time of day

         What is about to happen?