Today during first grade, we read Colors by Philip Yenawine – The Museum of Modern Art, listened to music and PAINTED!  What would be better than that? 


“The world is full of colors.”

The universal hand

We watched parts of Cave Art in the Tropics (click link in post below) to see the cave paintings in Indonesia that were made about the same time as the cave paintings in Europe.

After talking, we used our own hands as a starting point, and drew, colored and painted to express our thinking and ideas.

Grades 1, 2

All about water


Waterfall of Brushstrokes


 Seen at Park Stream

Mixed Media Mural 8′ x10′

Work in progressredomurals

Moore’s Branch Stream flows through the campus of Park School to Lake Roland.

 Lake Roland flows into The Jones Falls.

The Jones Falls flows into The Patapsco River (Baltimore’s Inner Harbor).

The Patapsco River flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

The health of our little stream affects the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

When we take care of our stream, we are taking care of the Chesapeake Bay

– the largest estuary in the United States.

Second Grade Theme Study

Imagining stories

Third Grade Imaginary Creature Tableau*

*Tableau – a group of characters representing a scene from a story

To be displayed at The Park School Art Show 2013

What:     Art inspired by… relating to… about… Fairy Tales and Stories

When:    Mid-April

Where:   Richman Art Gallery


  • Draw, color and cut-out imaginary creatures / characters
  • Collage background showing land / water forms
  • Paint sky showing weather and time of day
  • Find objects (buttons, yarn, string, corks, shells, stones, sticks) to complete the scene
  • Arrange the parts listed above on the “stage” to show a scene from a story you want to tell

Consider how the following will aid in telling your story:

         Names of the characters

         Location / environment



         Time of day

         What is about to happen?