Artistic alphabets & words

If there were no lines or shapes would there be written alphabets?  Find out more in –

Ox, House, Stick, The History of Our Alphabet

By Don Robb

Alphabets can be artistic, too.dscn9126

Word Designs

  • Think of a word that’s interesting to you.
  • Draw two horizontal lines across the paper.
  • Write your word with the letters touching the top and bottom lines.
  • Find shapes around the letters.
  • Color shapes with oil pastels.
  • Brush a watercolor wash on top.



Grade 2

Back to School

The longest line


Draw the longest line…

try not to cross over.


On the wall outside the art room,

connect your line to a classmates’ line.

What is a line?

Who invented lines?

How do artists use lines?

What different kinds of lines you see?

How do lines and shapes make pictures?

How do pictures tell stories?

Would there be written alphabets if there were no lines or shapes?

Grade 3

Only One You / Nadie Como Tu

During art, we looked at many different kinds of lines and patterns in the book Only One You / Nadie Como Tu by Linda Kranz before exploring the technique of RESIST with oil pastels and paint. 

DSCN6903 - Version 2

Then, we drew lines, shapes and patterns with oil pastels on watercolor paper. Straight lines, curvy, zig-zag, loopy, dotted, dashed…

For the RESIST technique to be successful, our challenge was to discover:

How hard or soft do you have to push when you are drawing with oil pastels?

How thick or thin do the lines have to be? 

When brushing paint on top of the drawings, how thick or thin does the paint have to be?

Which color combinations stand out the most?

 DSCN6923 - Version 2


Grades 1, 2, 3